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Las Vegas may be known as “Sin City”, but that does not mean that Las Vegas law enforcement doesn’t aggressively prosecute alleged crimes. If you have been arrested or are under investigation, you need a strong criminal defense team to protect your freedom. At Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers we focus exclusively on helping those accused of wrong-doing. Our legal team will carefully go through the facts to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Call us today to speak to one of our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys. We offer a free consultation.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being accused of a crime or arrested is a terrifying experience. You probably have a lot of questions such as:

  • How does the bail process work?
  • Should I talk to the police?
  • Should I accept the plea deal?

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your legal alternatives. We can help guide you through the process, ensuring that your rights are protected. Our primary goal is to find exculpatory evidence so that the prosecutor dismisses the case. If not, then rest assured that we will not simply accept any plea offer made by the D.A.’s office. We will negotiate aggressively on your behalf and are prepared to go trial if necessary.

We know how terrifying it can be simply being accused of a crime or arrested for an alleged crime. However, being convicted is far worse. A criminal conviction could mean losing your job, home, and even your family. Do not take criminal accusations lightly. Immediately after an arrest your main focus should be finding a quality criminal defense attorney that has experience handling your type of case. We can assist you regardless of the crime. Please see some of the matters we handle below for more information.

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Las Vegas DUI Lawyer

Las Vegas DUI Lawyer


Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer

Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence


Las Vegas Drug Crimes Lawyer

Las Vegas Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug Crimes


Las Vegas Sex Crimes Lawyer

Las Vegas Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex Crimes


Las Vegas Theft Crimes Lawyer

Las Vegas Theft Crimes Lawyer

Theft Crimes


Las Vegas White Collar Crimeos Lawyer

Las Vegas White Collar Crimes Lawyer

White Collar Crimes


Winning Your Case With A Top Criminal Attorney

Our criminal lawyers pride themselves on attacking every part of the prosecution’s case against you. Our process often involves hiring experts and private investigators to ensure that we can accurately present your side of the story to the prosecutor and jury. If you have been arrested, the D.A.’s office is already building their case against you. They have unlimited resources to go after you. At Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers, we have the experience you need defend your liberty.

Las Vegas has many criminal defense attorneys to choose from. We set ourselves apart by providing personal attention. You will not be passed off from associate to associate. Instead, you will have one attorney assigned to your case that will handle all aspects of your defense from start to finish. Throughout the entire process you will be able to rest assured that our sole focus is getting you the “NOT GUILTY” verdict you deserve.

Hiring a qualified Las Vegas criminal attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make. The quality of representation will have long-term consequences for you and you loved ones. When looking for an attorney, make sure they have a proven track record of successfully defending people accused of similar crimes.

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